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Covered Calls

Selling Options for Income?

MTR Investors Group has a Powerful Option Screener! Screen For:
  • Covered Calls
  • Naked Puts
  • Iron Condors
  • Credit Spreads
  • Search over 300,000 Options in seconds!
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BarChart Professional
BarChart Professional - Free
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Barchart Professional: Stocks and Futures (Even Continuous Futures Contracts!)

Barchart Professional is a premium, high-end solution for all individuals and institutional firms seeking advanced features and tools from their trading software.

Professional is a Desktop application that provides high-end, professional-grade data, charting software and trading tools in an easy-to-use format. Barchart Professional provides the same level of quality and service available in terminals that may otherwise cost thousands of dollars a month.

  • Barchart Professional installs quickly to your desktop and is easy-to-use from the moment you open it.
  • Professional offers custom workspaces, as well as pre-built displays allowing you to focus on trading and analysis, not setting up your screens.
  • Install Professional on any PC or Mac, and access the same saved workspaces from the office, home or away.
  • With streaming real-time data direct from the exchanges you have live prices at your finger tips, as well as access to extensive historical data.
  • Powered by state-of-the-art data centers and technology, Professional meets the demands of mission-critical reliability and accuracy
NinjaTrader - Free
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Regardless of what markets you trade, what style of trader you are or if you require real time or end of day analytics, the NinjaTrader trading platform provides you the tools to analyze the markets and your trading ideas in a flexible, customizable and user-friendly manner that helps you trade better.
Leading edge charting to help you analyze and identify trading opportunities. Run historical tests and analyze the performance of your automated trading strategies. A turbo-charged quote sheet allowing you to monitor, sort and rank hundreds of instruments in real time.
Chart Patterns Free
Chart Patternz - Free
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Patternz is a Windows based program that automatically finds chart and candlestick patterns. It has these features.

- Finds 66 unique chart patterns (see Patterns Form)
- Finds 105 candlestick patterns (see Patterns Form)
- Finds the double bottom trading setup (see the List Form)
- Has a chart pattern indicator to detect market turns (see the Chart Pattern Indicator Form)
- Allows the selection of patterns with the best overall performance, fewest failures, reversals, and continuations (see the Patterns form)
- Scans files to find patterns and lists results (see List Form)
- Allows up to 9 criteria to select patterns for performance (radio buttons on List Form)
- Filters stock selections for price and volume
- Shows cycles (chart form)
- Shows phi extensions for price prediction (Phi button on chart form)
Incredible Charts Free
Incredible Charts - Free
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Incredible Charts was started by two brothers: Colin Twiggs, a chartered accountant with a background in investment banking; and Robin, a Pascal/Delphi programmer.

In 1996 they identified the need for a low-cost charting platform, providing a wide range of financial data to international traders and investors. Forming an alliance with Vizhon Corporation (pronounced "vision") they developed an online charting platform, drawing data from servers in the United States and Canada.

Colin moved to Australia in 1998 to concentrate on full-time trading and set about writing a comprehensive guide to technical analysis and trading. The Incredible Charts website was launched in 2001, offering free charting software, end-of-day data, education and a traders forum. Colin also started a free Trading Diary newsletter which has grown to more than 90,000 subscribers.

In May 2003 Incredible Charts introduced a Premium Data Service, offering end-of-day coverage of the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and major US indices; hourly ASX updates; and data histories adjusted for dilutions.