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Patternz is a Windows based program that automatically finds chart and candlestick patterns. It has these features.

- Finds 66 unique chart patterns (see Patterns Form)
- Finds 105 candlestick patterns (see Patterns Form)
- Finds the double bottom trading setup (see the List Form)
- Has a chart pattern indicator to detect market turns (see the Chart Pattern Indicator Form)  
- Allows the selection of patterns with the best overall performance, fewest failures, reversals, and continuations (see the Patterns form)-
- Scans files to find patterns and lists results (see List Form)
- Allows up to 9 criteria to select patterns for performance (radio buttons on List Form)
- Filters stock selections for price and volume
- Shows cycles (chart form)
- Shows phi extensions for price prediction (Phi button on chart form)

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